Supplier for China shawls

You are looking for shawls imported from China ? You may purchase some of their great design from us. The shawls cost RM 5.00 excluding the postage fees. Postage fees will cost you RM 10 if you ship using slow mail while Post Laju will cost you RM 15. If you purchase in big quantity that will leverage your postage fees. Yes… we do accept bulk orders in terms of 500 – 1000 pieces. Here are some of our samples

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Hand Made Scarf


There are tons of handmade scarves from China. This handcraft is unique and it is not cheap. Hand made items from china is relatively cheap if we purchase it directly from the maker. If you would like to order any handmade scarf, please make sure you trade from reliable sources such as Ali Baba, DH Cate and Ebay.  Here are some of the handmade scarves from China.

Source of Origin: China
Price : Ranges from RM 70 – RM 300 (Depending on the quality of material)

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